Product / Service #1

I specialize in double buckle belts.  The reason is the wear on a double buckle is not as apt to show as a single buckle.  A double buckle places the stress on two prongs instead of one.

Product / Service #2

I can make single buckle belts, but sizing is very important.  If you want to special order a single buckle belt then do so through the Contacts page by writing me an email.

Product / Service #3

I have made leather cell phone holders, gun belts, holsters, knife sheaves, and many other leather products.  And, if you would like something made that is specialized please contact me through Contacts.


Why is leather expensive?

The processing of leather is not done over night.  The process takes time and is expensive.  But, as the saying goes.  You get what you reap.  Leather will last, cardboard won’t.

Time is money, as the saying goes

When you order a leather product from me I must calculate the cost of the leather and parts plus my time.  I charge the same amount in time as what other professional leather makers do.  So if you special order I need to calculate all those entities together to get you your cost.


Contact me

So if you want a special order please feel free to contact me at or go through the contacts page.  Thanks, Bill

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