About Us


My Approach

You could  call this  “My philosophy” or “My vision.”  I have published a number of YouTube videos.  These videos are about products I have used.  My vision or philosophy was to make those items readily available to those that watch the videos.  Of course you do not need to watch a video.  All products listed on the pages can be purchased at anytime.  Thanks, Bill

My Story

Every business has a beginning, correct?  Mine started 20 some years ago when I started crafting leather products.  However, I felt there should be more available to the customer, meaning more products than I could make.  So, I teamed with Amazon.  Do I make the big bucks with them?  No, I get a very small commission for each item sold if you go through my site.  My philosophy is that if you see it on my site and want it, then buy it now and you do not have to exit and search to locate it.  Oh, and one last thing.  You can click a product and review it.  It doesn’t mean you have to buy it right now.  You can always go back later and purchase it if you wish.  Have fun shopping.  Bill



Meet Me

Yes, I am the whole team of this web site.  That’s me a couple of years back by a lake in Florida.  Yes, it was in February and it was a chilly day.

Bill 02

Bill L Connely

Founder & CEO

I started my career working in shopping centers.  We sold everything from mouse traps to huge stereo systems and more.  So, this is how I am able to provide, to you, a complete line of products whether commercial or hand crafted.

My career path includes ranching, store management, software developer, professional skier, and I love riding horses and motorcycles.

Next Steps…

As you may know I do some leather projects,  I will do small projects that are pretty much generic.  If you want something made contact me under contacts.

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