Why Leather


Why leather?  Leather is the ultimate covering and has been for thousands of years.  A genuine leather product will last for years and even decades.  It can be fashioned into almost any style.  The above leather belt I personally make.  You will notice I kept it plain and simple.  This belt will probably last 100 years if properly taken care of.

The China syndrome:  Buying a leather product that comes from China is probably not leather, but a made to feel like leather.  Bottom line, it will probably last only a year or so.  So when they say it is leather and it is from China it probably isn’t true leather.

My belt story:  In 1987 I purchased a belt, much like the one you see here.  I remember that year well, because it was the year I bought my first Goldwing Motorcycle.  I had stopped at a roadside house that sold souvenirs and they had these style belts.  So, I bought one.  It is now some 30 plus years later and I am still wearing that belt.  The leather never failed me in all those years, but the metal buckle wore out and I had to replace it.